Hawking My Wares


I periodically try to figure out who, besides me, would want to shop in an online store that offers fabric, sewing patterns, vintage clothes, and art to wear projects that I am inspired to invent periodically. I would assume that I am not the only “me” in the world, but it’s hard to tell. Today I listed the the necklace I put up on this blog plus another one I was inspired to assemble. Here they both are, decently photographed:

Collar Med 4 Collar Big 1


I like them both, and I would buy and or wear them both, so as long as there are a few more of me in the world, they may find homes.


PS: Former readers of the old blog, I promise this will not just be art. I’ll still talk about stuff that’s more life-related. Stick with me, kids, it’ll get interesting soon enough.

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