Actually, I’ve Not Been Doing Nothing


Our final show of the semester is up, and while one wouldn’t want it to get out that we managed to build an entire show in two weeks, we did manage to build an entire show in two weeks. Our production is of Moliere’s The Misanthrope, and our director made some fabulous and creative decisions best described by this review. I personally built five men’s vests, two pairs of knee pants, and one astounding skirt and bodice–here are some process photos of that:

10152635_10152932120265110_1463117763_n      10153116_10152953362430110_4932769597064171700_n

The skirt is basically three circle skirts cut with high-low hemlines to create the layering. Each circle has 3″ of horsehair braid inserted at the hemline to create that sculpted swooping that makes it so great–it moves beautifully onstage. The reveiw I linked to above has a good picture of the actor in full costume, makeup and wig. The show is glamorous and masterful and very, very funny. I built the bodice as well, as a modified-Georgian bodice, as this show married the Georgian and 1980s fashion eras in a wonderful way.

It also served as my debut as a makeup designer. All of the women wore pure color eyeshadow from Sugarpill and dramatic false eyelashes, while the men wore strong lipstick. As the show is about truth and lies, I wanted to emphasize the facial keys of expression, the eyes and the mouth. It was simple but extremely effective, and married well the costumes and wigs. The best part is that it was something the actors could easily be taught to apply themselves and has a very high impact. Simple but effective–that’s always my goal.

Meanwhile, at home, I made this:


It’s higher contrast than shown (let’s talk about why the hell Apple can’t put a flash in an iPad? What the hell, Apple? I have a flash in my phone, for heaven’s sake–get it together!), an upholstery weight fabric brocade in aubergine and dusty gold, with hot lime bias tape edging that I cut and made myself. I used a continuous loop method for cutting the bias tape and it required serious spatial skills and as such there are some bits of brain in the carpet because: hard. I tried a no-hand-sewing approach to attaching the binding and as such, the jacket is cheaper than it would normally be because there are a few kinks to work out. Nothing that the average consumer would notice, mind you, but it’s not as clean (read: invisible) as I’d like it to be. It is, however, in a larger size, since there’s a dearth of great clothes for big girls out there. I’ve done a lot of my design work for larger women–believe it or not, real women want to look nice, too, and they are willing to pay for great clothes. I know, right? Shocking.

So, that’s the extent of what I have photographed. Now it’s on to the next project, plus some costume design for local theater. Summer fast approaches.




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