Shoe Despair


I ordered three pair of what I guess I’d call “rich old lady” shoes. Regular old lady shoes are these. Or these. Or these.

I bought these:


And also these:


And then I really went for it and got these:


The teal, 40s-style ones arrived first. They have soft beds and arch supports and flexible toes and they are stable and I (hardly) don’t wobble at all. I wore them sparingly, a few hours at a time, not in the house (where I am most of the time). Then the flesh-toned Pikalinos arrived and I wore them today. They are both lovely, I can work with them, they are not too much of a step down into Sass land. Stable. Supportive.

I have also just determined that what I am feeling today is peroneal tendonosis.

These and the boots were my treat to myself after finishing a very, very difficult commission (more on that tomorrow). The carrot on the stick that helped me avoid saying anything inappropriate or firing my client or throwing the silk dress I built out the window. I was proud of myself for finding “good” shoes. I allowed myself to spend the money (serious bank, those first two pairs were each a bit over 100 clams each) and thought, “This beats the shit out of the money I spent on useless physical therapy and useless occupational therapy and expensive [two of which have broken] silver ring splints and expensive CMC splints last summer.”

Say it with me. Peroneal Tendonosis. Notice in the link that it’s a repetitive use thing. Or, for someone with EDS, a just plain “uses it to do regular stuff” thing.

Then, there are the boots. They. Are. Gorgeous. EXPENSIVE. On sale for $237.00. “I am worth it,” I said to myself. These will last 100 years.

They are really heavy. Pull on my hips and ankles heavy.

Works of art. Lacing up the back that needs to be re-laced in silk ribbons. Made For Walking.

Peroneal Tendonosis and Heavy Boots.

I’m not happy, but I’m feeling pretty rebellious and all, “What’s a little foot pain, huh?” “What’s a little hip and ankle pain?” After all, if I quit doing everything that causes me hip, back or knee pain I might as well join the nunnery. I’ll just grimace and bear it, I cry! So what if my foot hurts! At least it hurts in awesome, defensible, smart shoes!

That’ll last.



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