Re-Runs Suck


My hip X-rays showed mild degeneration and evidence of tendonosis on the left side. I have orders for MRIs for each hip. I think it should be MRI, singular, since my hips are right next to each other, like, all the time. My insurance, however, wants to charge it out as two MRIs so they can get more money from me. While seeing my PCP re: X-rays, he asked what meds I’m now taking. “Nothing.” I said. I am not taking ANY prescription meds at all. I take 2-3 benadryl at night with my wine. We agreed that we could try ONE new medication. Just one. We believed that the events of Insanity July 4th were due to Xanax withdrawal. So we agreed to try Cymbalta.

I took 30 mg of Cymbalta that night. Tuesday morning I had the shits, dizziness, irregular heart rate, anxiety, sweating and teeth clenching. So ended that experiment. I started back to work on Wednesday, still half-life-ing and with a heart rate of 125. That’s not ideal. During the worst of it on Tuesday I had made an appointment with a massage therapist, in the hope that massage can replace Physical Therapy. I got my gut settled down and kept that appointment. I would direct this statement at someone who told me awhile back that they don’t read here anymore because “it’s too depressing” that I AM SAYING SOME GOOD NEWS HERE BECAUSE MASSAGE IS AWESOME. Don’t say I’m never happy. Also, you are a shitty friend, end of transmission.

So I’m back to zero drugs, but with a weekly massage appointment. Is everything roses and unicorns and fluffy clouds and chickens running about behind my house? No. But there *are* chickens behind my house and I like watching them.


Since I am not funny anymore, let me relate something a little funny. School has started, and I have made email groups of all my classes and sent those children all kinds of electronically delivered information. So this happened:

Student  is lurking for me. I say hello, and ask what he needs.

Student: I wanted to know if we were supposed to come in today. 

Me: Did you get my email? Because I said….

Student (cutting me off): Yeah, I got it. I just didn’t know if we needed to come in. 

Me: The email said class wouldn’t meet until next week and not to come today. 

Student: Yeah, but I didn’t know if that meant to really not come or if it meant you wanted us to stop by and check in. 

Me: It pretty much meant “don’t come in today” and just that. Don’t come in today. Okay? 

I return often to my office to look at my picture of Patient Bear.



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