It’s Not Like I’m Not Doing Anything


So far, I’m making good on my decision to try better attend to my Etsy store, because at some point it’s got to stop costing me money instead of making money.

Also, I had one of those thrifting days yesterday where everywhere I went I was golden. GOLDEN.

Newly listed patterns, including one that is worth A LOT according to the internetz:

Vogue Paris Original 1690 Yves Saint Laurent from the 1960s

Vogue American Designer Pattern from the 1990s with cover model who looks like Elaine on Seinfeld

A fabulous 1940s Advance pattern for a men’s rockabilly Western Shirt with very unusual construction

Beautiful 1970s Maxi/Mini Dress pattern combo with gorgeous cover art 

Some beautiful, one of a kind mini spats that I made and hand beaded myself

A mint condition 70s cotton velveteen blazer that would wake you up out of a coma

A seductively prim secretary blouse just waiting for you to untie her

The perfect 1980s Vintage Banana Republic blouse 

So, get with it and GO SHOPPING.

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