Because Not Everything Sucks All The Time


Last time I went to the dentist, my jaw tried to slip out on the right side and got about halfway there before I made it go back. That was just because I had experimentally opened my mouth before hygienist put anything in there. Long story short, I couldn’t eat anything solid for five days afterwards, and asked to be put on a 9-month recall. So it was with no small amount of anxiety and concern that I approached my dental appointment yesterday. I told the hygienist straight up that I was pretty freaked out about it, too, and had arranged my massage for immediately afterwards in the hopes that the massage therapist could help if anything had completely gone to hell.

Also, I would add, I HATE having my teeth cleaned. The scraping means I have goosebumps running up and down my body the entire time. The hygienist offered small bite blocks, that meant I wouldn’t have to work to hold my mouth open, which was brilliant. She gave me rests between each step. My dentist listened to the story afterward and we played the EDS Patient Game.

Dentist: Let’s get her some Ibuprofen

EDS Me: I can’t take any NSAIDS.

Dentist: Oh, okay, let’s get her some valium.

EDS Me: I can’t take anything in that world, my PCP hooked me on them and I spent the summer withdrawing.

Dentist: Have you tried Physical Therapy?

EDS Me: They routinely injure me. It’s a no-go.

Dentist: Let’s set up a consult where we aren’t rushing, okay? I’m leaving you a bottle of wine at the front desk.

I’ll get back to that consult in a sec, but the positive thing is that while I was not pain-free after the appointment, between their measures and my massage therapist, I can eat and nothing is subluxated or dislocated. That’s a win.

I did set up the consult, but I have my doubts. My teeth only touch in two places, so I know a big piece of trying to help the jaw stuff is going to be braces. But I a) am about to put braces on the youngest child so $$$ and b) cannot take anything for pain so: suckage. I will hear him out but I suspect it will be kind of like the EDS Patient Game all over again. I like the hell out of my dentist and not just because he gives me booze, but I am WAY nervous, as usual, about attempting to do anything.

But I can eat food today, and that’s a hell of lot better than I expected.


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  1. How frustrating! Ugh! I’m glad you did not gave major problems this time, but I understand your fear about any future visits. At least they don’t seem to just be writing you off as difficult for listing the things you can’t use/take! That happens all too often. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. No one should have so many concerns to live with.


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