Collecting. No, Seriously, Hoarding.


I collect a lot of things. Ball pitchers, vintage clothes, vintages shoes, mannequins, tea cups, creamers, buttons, vintage aprons, 50s tablecloths….A lot of things.

The other day I violated several of my restrictions and got a stepladder and hauled down a bin of mystery things. In there I found the rest of my vintage aprons and a very large number of vintage handkerchiefs. They have been in a box for over three years, which means I don’t guess I have a lot of plans for them. Thus, it’s probably time to liquidate it down to only the very most fabulous.

I started today with the white handkerchiefs:

This set of seven. 

These two lovelies. 

Virginal white-on-whites.

The hardest to part with. 

I am really trying to manage this Etsy business better, but the key thing is that stuff needs to sell. Gotta get that part moving.

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  1. I have a hoarder parent who always taught me to hold onto things. Luckily, I am able to let a lot go as an adult, but I have a bad habit of collecting “treasures.” I’m lucky my income is so limited and I’m a good saver, because thrifting would be the death of me! Glassware, vintage aprons, photo prints, vintage jewelry, etc. I can most definitely relate and I’m trying to sell at least as much as I buy! Good luck, hon!


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